Massive frame drops on M1 iPad

Ever since a few days ago I have had terrible FPS when the device is not covered and is in perfect condition. Can this be looked at?


What do you mean by when it’s not covered?

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and what does this picture have to do with anything?


even im wondering what has this picture got to do with the topic😅

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i can only see that @Zachary is controlling KEWR at that time

@Ritesh321 look at the top left corner of the photo

oh WOW that is low

Have a closer look on the top left corner. It says the frame rate

Edit: nvm u noticed

Have you done anything to trouble shoot this?

It had no case.

An example of the low FPS while not even being in the sim.

I’ve done a reboot and it made it better, but not by much.

Do you have constant frame drops! Over a longer period of time or just occasional drops e.g. if you approach areas with lot of 3D objects or high live traffic?

I am using the same device and restarting the app before I begin a flight helped me a lot, even though some frame drops still remain for a couple of seconds.

At that time I haven’t done a flight for a day. But thanks it helped.

Damn 9 FPS. Seems like some problem with the iPad and not the game🤔

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I would suggest deleting and reinstalling the app. Although your replays will be lost, it will most probably work.

I believe I have nearly the same iPad or basically the same one as you.

I find this issue happening sometimes too. For me though, it’s when I open the map to select a spawn airport which is the same menu you have open. My frames drop to about 5-10 until I exit out of the map.

Is it particularly this or also in-flight/game?

As a last resort this is an okay option. Just remember to remind the Original Poster to backup their replay files as a courtesy ;)


I’m finding similar issues on my new M1 Pro, it should be fine running maximum settings but I find I’m playing medium at best to avoid frame drops, sometimes even mid flight

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I get around 30fps when I put it on 60fps