Massive FPS drop

Hey everyone, hope you enjoying 22.1

So im flying the B748 on the xiaomi poco f2 pro and I had every graphics to high and was at 60fps. My load was at 83-90%. Everything was fine till I passed 10,000ft then my fps dropped by 30fps.

right I limited itself to 30fps and still have 91% GPU load in the cockpit and 53% load when outside ,which is higher than 21.08

Did it happen to anyone else?

Hey, firstly, no need to bump support messages. We will see them and respond when able :)

Do you have clouds enabled? Is this happening when you point the camera in a specific direction?

We generally recommend all Android users to limit to 30fps. This will stop the device from trying to reach a framerate that it can’t sustain - when it does that, the device gets hotter, uses more battery, and the CPU/GPU will eventually throttle and slow down, which could be leading to your performance decrease.

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oh sorry about that.

Yes I tried with and without and its the same result. Right now there are at few

Usually when I look up at the sky, it gets worse.

Yes now i limited. But before it was reaching 60fps with out a problem. Had about 15% to spare. But right above 10000ft it suddenly dropped.

right now it uses more the GPU then the CPU

Don’t focus on the GPU percentage too much. That isn’t indicative of performance (it’s also limited by other factors including bandwidth, which is limited on some lower/medium-end GPUs)

Can you sustain 30fps and maintain it if you limit FPS to 30fps?

yes it can reach and maintain 30fps

This is likely a bandwidth/throttling issue with your device. We’ll keep making performance optimisations with each update (especially now as we are integrating parts of “Project Metal”), but I would suggest you keep it limited to 30fps to get a better experience for your device.

ok, i will limit it to 30fps.

Thank you and sorry for the bump thing

No worries at all! Just advising so you don’t waste your own time either :)

Hopefully this will help a bit

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as long I can fly, I’m good

it can be closed now.
good day

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You too, have a good afternoon :)