Massive Event in Kuala Lumpur @ Whole Region - 202000ZMAY17

Server: Expert

Region: Kuala Lumpur/Singapore

Airport: Any airport in the region

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: *Planning to make a massive event with lots of pilots and air traffic control if possible. You can fly where you want to fly around the region. I want to create a environment with many air traffic control and lots of pilots. If any expert server controllers can make it I would appreciate it *

ATC available


Please use the correct formatting of events in order to make events 😊. Thanks in advance!

I’m really Sorry that I havent finished my edit (Thanks @Carson for reverting it back 😊)


In the title you say @KSFO but it’s in Kuala Lumpur?!

He meant WMKK but we all make mistakes. We are human ;)

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