Massive Engine Sound Overhaul


We need this so bad… So everyone keep voting!


Gotta revive it sorry folks. Even Global sound is still a bit off.


I need GE90’s in my life😭


I think the overhaul is needed. We need roaring engines, not whining ones


I don’t know, but considering what the devs have done so far, adding some white noise during cruise shouldn’t be too difficult (my opinion, don’t kill me) For example, in this video, I can understand that the buzzsaw sound during departure and the engine sound during landing is very difficult as each aircraft sounds different, but skip to the middle of the video, and that sound during cruise (white noise) shouldn’t be too hard as it is the same sound in pretty much all airliners, just that some are a bit quieter than others. But again, where would the high quality come from…


The only issue with that is we would need an “interior wing view” in order to have the white noise be realistic and have its full effect. The current wing view we have now is outside hence why we hear the engines so loudly.

Still hoping for an overhaul on the engine sounds though.


I would love to see this happen in 2018! I’m sure they will have the money and equipment to do it now knowing that IF Live costs almost $90 for a year (not trying to hate on the prices).
Maybe our prayers will be heard…


Where have I been all this time. This is definitely needed. The GE90 spool, the Trent 900 roar and many more are really needed.


Can’t forget the Pratt & Whitney PW4000’s buzzsaw 😍


I need to feel that BR700 engine on the 717 takeoff!


I honestly could not agree more. But I always think to myself, why couldn’t they start to roll out new engine noises for each aircraft update rather than just copy and paste the same engine noises. It makes the sim feel unrealistic to an extent. Would love to see GE90 engines on my 789 or Rolls Royce Trent engines.


Oh yes! Those engines are music to my ears!


the IAE V2500 make a more intense buzzsaw than the CFM


We need this right now. Especially with planes like the A380 (RR Trent 900), 777 (GE90) and 787 (RR Trent 1000 or GEnx) which stand out


Whew, that A380 is loud 😳


Yeah, man! Sounds like a true beast.

Thanks for all the votes thus far, guys. :)


Everyone is forgetting what was said…

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to hear a different engine sound on each aircraft, but like Philippe said. ^


Yes, I completely understand what was said. This is just an idea, remember. It’s something to consider for the future.

He even mentioned having third party sounds which I still wouldn’t mind having. The point is, I just want to have variation for each commercial plane and not the same monotonous sound we are all used to. :)


That post was created about a year ago, surely FDS has some more money, especially with the addition of Global?


Money isn’t the only issue that was explained.