Massive Engine Sound Overhaul


My Goodness, that A380. WOW!!!


I about blew my ears off listening to it.


I wish I was there to hear the sound live, and not with the audio effect.


Haha, I’m just imagining one of you guys standing behind a 787 which is about to take off, holding up a cellphone recorder 😂


I’m really liking that a340 take off sound though


Wow, I didn’t know the 787 Engines were RR’s.


They are Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines. And my God they sound amazing :)


Thanks for your response! I never realized how hard it was to get engine sounds in game.


If he/she got access to record a 767, why is it hard for him/her to get other sounds from a 777 or A380?

And how were they able to get a recording of a 767 in the first place?! They must have some sort of business connection.


The A380 sounds so menacing! I love it :D


It’s the best engine sound out there!


And they look awesome


Listen to this 😍


I can try…


What are the challenges of recording realistic engine sounds from a desktop simulator. There are some people who make extremely accurate engine noises on some desktop simulators.


Will be great if every aircraft have their own sounds!


Like Philippe said, it would have to be very high quality. Keep in mind that trying to find high quality engine sounds from a third party source would be very expensive.


Bringing this back from the dead but do you guys remember around 2014 where most planes at full throttle sounded like: dance who way dance who way

Haha ik it’s funny but that was my interpretation of what they were saying :P


Hopefully a new start up sound with the new feature


I agree too.We need newer sounds