Massive Engine Sound Overhaul

I hope to see the updated A320 engines’ sounds on the 20.2 update, especially the V2500 engine to make the game even more realistic and more exciting flying experience.


I know right. Personally I don’t think the aircraft itself needs a rework but to be able hearing the engine spool up (like 772 now) is much appreciated

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Absolutely agree. I know so many flight sims which lack of realistic sound effects. Where is the rumble of powerful engines while passing the camera?!? Voted.

I’ve only been flying the 777 lately because of the sounds. would be very refreshing for other aircraft to have that too.

Definitely voted! Our engine sounds are way out dated. They were incredible back in 2015, but not today my friend.



The 777 sound is great!
but no overhaul :(

Yeah, the 772 sounds are unreal! But please note @FLIGHT2 that this aircraft was recently reworked!

This probably means when other aircraft are reworked in future, the engine sounds will be improved!

Please note, as I am not affiliated with staff at IF, that I can’t promise this, it is just a guess!

They’ve change new fresh engine sound for B777 but what makes me little disappointed is engine startup. GE90 startup sounds way too short because in reality it takes about over 1 minutes (not reach 2 min) and it will give a lot of chill when we hear GE90 spool up completely.

I’m not sure developer will improve it or not at least IF have high quality engine sounds so far 👍🏼

See this wonderful explanation by @Maxim, which was part of your previous enquiry. 🙂

TL:DR, it was intentional, because not everyone has the time to necessarily wait.


Well, 1 minute is good enough because time not that long to wait honestly. 🕢✈️

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I hope they can add options like how “realistic” you wanna get. So when you’re short of time you can just “simulate” it to 1 min. Otherwise it’ll be 2 minutes.


This would make IF sound better! We need this.

I hope to have this goergous sound with the rework (PW4168)

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Here’s different type of A333 Engines:

Trent 700 vs. CF6-80E1 vs. PW4000-100

Cathay Dragon(Dragonair) A330-341(B-HLI)
Rolls-Royce Trent 772-60

China Airlines A330-302(B-18358)
General Electric CF6-80E1A4

Vietnam Airlines A330-223(VN-A377)
Pratt & Whitney PW4168A

RR Trent 700 is the Best choice for me

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Hope to see a GE CF-6 sound pack on the A330. It’s a widely used variant and can be applied to the following aircraft:
Airbus A330
Boeing 747
Boeing 767

That’s 5 aircraft with realistic engine sounds all at once.

They sound pretty sweet as well


love to see how powerful only one engine is on the entire aircraft, all the aircraft shakes ! it’s awesome


Love the sound Rolls-Royce Trent 700. The Roar Sound <3


This has been closed as the feature request itself is no longer viable with regards to how we do our development. New sounds may come with each aircraft we add or rework, and in the future we may add them to a few aircraft if we feel it is the right thing to do.

Your votes will be refunded now this is closed. Thanks all!