Massive Engine Sound Overhaul

I know the engine sounds have been changed recently, but they don’t sound the best neither do they sound realistic. I think it’s about time that all the planes in the sim have a engine sound overhaul. It will increase the realism in the game and there will be plenty of engine sound variation versus hearing the same sound for every plane. Depending on what engine operator each plane has, the sounds could be very unique from one another (747 with RR engines vs 747 with PW engines).

I’m not so worried about the prop sounds because they’re perfect already.

The links below are a few videos of what certain planes in Infinite Flight should sound like, take a listen.




A320 and Family (they all sound the same)


(not my videos)

You should get the point now, all planes need a rehaul in engine sounds! :D


I agree if they can’t make these sounds on IF it at least make sense to make them sound a bit different on each plane as different engines have noticeable sounds


I support this amazing idea!


Personally they should make them louder because there really low unless your in wing view :/


The engine sounds that we have now, are 100% way better than we had before. But I agree with this. At least the 777 & 787 should have their own realistic engine sound, since in real life they are way more distinctive than the others.


Another B77W Video :)


Easy enough with a prop but I’d imagine the logistics of recording the engine sounds of a jet aircraft isn’t exactly simple and straight forward.

At least we no longer have aircraft that sound more like lawnmowers :p


These jets need some GE-90’s


Wow, I listened to that at full volume with a huge audio system. I don’t think I will ever be the same.


Our airliner sounds are from a 767. I honestly doubt you can find more realistic unless you go for a high quality 3rd party addon for desktop simulator.

Keep in mind that recorded sounds can be VERY different from 1 microphone to another meaning that using random videos you find on youtube to hear what an engine sounds like is not accurate.

We spent a lot of time (and money) on our airliner sound package and we believe we are very close to the real thing for the 767.
Having a different sound package for each commercial aircraft is something we would like to have ultimately, it just requires a lot more time and a lot more money (and access to clean recordings, which is extremely difficult for airliners).

Our 172 is also extremely accurate since we did that one ourselves with the help of a professional sound designer (who also did the mixing for the 767).

Other aircraft (turboprop, fighters) are more subjective but “good enough” (and definitely better than most default aircraft in most simulator I tried).


I don’t think it’s really a coding matter. More of actually getting your hands on the audio files. They would have to (unless they can get higher quality sounds somewhere online) record them manually. Lol, renting a 787 just to record some (EXPENSIVE) sounds. Not that easy :)


Recording a 787, in a clean environment (no external sounds), from all angles, at various throttle speed is hard.

If someone knows a guy at the engine factory that has access to their testing facility, I am sure we can send him some equipment to do some recordings :)


I think the engine sounds could be better but as Philippe said, it’s very hard to get those sounds and really expensive. Let’s just be happy that we don’t have those old sounds…


My Goodness, that A380. WOW!!!