Massive Adelaide Fly out @0600z 13/9/2022

On the 10/9 I am planning a big fly out aimed for any Aussie Infinite Flight aviators since, most events happen overnight for us, but anyone is welcome to join! This event is mostly domestic and just a fly out since this is the first event I’ve ever created and I want to keep things simple.


*Spotting is allowed for anyone, no need for spotters to sign up, just spawn at a remote stand (not terminal 2) out of the way of any moving traffic.

*Destinations, airlines and callsigns aren’t final, if you want, you can request a change of destination, airline/livery and callsign.

*Terminal 2 (all remote gates) will be used for regional flights, they have no route suggestions, so just tell me all information needed for the route and I will sign you up.

*I am not responsible for any violations given during this event.

*Stay professional at all times, give way to other aircraft on the ground and keep at least one plane length between the plane in front of you

*Listen to ALL instructions given by ATC when they are given, if there is no ATC use the Unicom professionally and maintain appropriate separation while departing. By using common sense and following these NOTAMS, this event should stay realistic and hopefully no violations should be issued to anyone.

*Please spawn at least 10-15 minutes before you plan to depart.

*And finally, have fun!

Also note: This is the first time I’ve created an event after reaching TL2 and I’m still working out the formatting and other stuff, so apologies in advance if this event topic isn’t looking right.

Server: Expert


Although not required, a center controller would be much appreciated.

Gate Assignments!

Terminal 1
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign

Gate 12L YSSY [Sydney] Qantas B738 @ QF738

Gate 13 YSCB [Canberra] QantasLink B712 @ QF1976

Gate 14L YMML [Melbourne] Jetstar A320 @VH-OEJ_747 JQ773

Gate 15 YMML [Melbourne] Virgin Australia B738 @United403 VA218

Gate 16L NZAA [Auckland] Air New Zealand A320 @ NZ192

Gate 18R YPDN [Darwin] Qantas A333 @hames QF195

Gate 19 YSSY [Sydney] Jetstar A320 @ JQ767

Gate 20L YMML [Melbourne] Qantas B738 @ QF682

Gate 22R NZAA [Auckland] Qatar Airways B77W @Olegend049 QR914

Gate 23 YBCS [Cairns] Virgin Australia B738 @ VA1505

Gate 24L YPPH [Perth] Virgin Australia B738 @ VA717

Gate 25 YBCG [Gold Coast] Qantas B738 @ QF664

Remote Gate 27 YBAS [Alice Springs] QantasLink A320 @ QF1954

Remote Gate 28L YAYE [Ayers Rock] Jetstar A320 @United403 JQ664

Remote Gate 29 YCFS [Coffs Harbour] QantasLink B712 @ QF1948

Remote Gate 50G YOLD [Olympic Dam] Alliance Airlines B712 (generic livery) @ QQ3240

Remote Gate 50F YMHB [Hobart] Jetstar A320 @ JQ681

Remote Gate 50E YWHA [Whyalla] QantasLink DH8D @ QF2069

Terminal 2
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Remote Gate 80
Remote Gate 81
Remote Gate 82
Remote Gate 83
Remote Gate 84
Remote Gate 85
Remote Gate 86
Remote Gate 87
Remote Gate 88


I’ll take this one please

Ok I’ll sign you up

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Could I please have gate 15

Yep, I’ll sign you up

Finally my city is getting some attention

Why don’t you join then?

I told you already…

Oh sorry, I didn’t realise

Mate, it’s been forever since an Aussie event has been made you’ve just made my day. I’m coming along for sure. Great work with the event I’ll grab ATC 😉

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And after I finish controlling I’ll take the Qatar to Auckland 😝😝

Ok, thanks for joining my event

I’ll set up an ATC section, are you doing tower, ground and ATIS?

Can I take this one please?

Welcome to the community, I’ll sign you up

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@AmericanB772 are you able to join the event?

Idk maybe, I might

Ok, I hope you can join

Let’s get some more signups!

Come on! Let’s get some more sign ups, there’s only a week left until the event!