MASSIVE 30DEC22 / 1500Z Baltimore Fly In-n-Out EVENT

How about we get some more international travelers with many varieties in destinations!! Sign up today!

Ill take this.

I would actually want

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You’ll be signed up shortly

Thanks for signing up, have a safe flight to Heathrow

Thank you!

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Event bump, sign up for ambitious international routes, or stay close to home with many regional and intercontinental routes

I’m pretty the thing I signed up for doesn’t exist irl

Let me check something rq

Well… consider it an inaugural flight lmao

Can I switch to this but to JFK?

What? Like Air Senegal A330 to JFK… from Baltimore?

Yes, was there a typo or something?

I’ll put you down as that rn (this type request can only be done by Butter and Butter only)

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It’s a real flight btw

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Yep, happens every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

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My face has never looked so confused in my LIFE

By the way @Butter575 , your route has been changed

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Could I get this one please