MASSIVE 17DEC22 / 1500Z Baltimore Fly In-n-Out EVENT

LET’S KEEP THIS EVENT ALIVE!!! ATC positions are available as well as many well desired routes ready for the taking!!!

@G_Win, I have put you at C10 in American Airlines B738

New, clearer, and better international routes are now available. Grab them while you still can!!!

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I’ll take Columbus A01 please

@woke39 yes it is!!! @EnthusiasticAviation will sign you up soon

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Nope haha it’s still open

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Hi guys, I’ve come back here to apologize for my absence as I had a serious medical emergency for the past few days, causing me to now be stuck doing nothing for a few weeks. This event will be bumped to a later date (not sure when yet),but once I get back on my feet, I’ll let you guys know! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Stay safe, hug your mother and/or father, and keep the blue side up <3

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I hope to continue this event with its planned date after putting more thought into it. So the event is still set for 17DEC22 as of now

I’ll take this please

Bumping Baltimore

I’ll take ground, tower, & ATIS. Thank you!