Mass Level 3 Violations at KOSH

Hello, it has been brought to my attention that MANY of the static displays at Oshkosh have been ghosted for sitting on static (not even taxiing)

I finished my flight in a SR22 and decided to respawn as an A-10 at Boeing Plaza. I was joined by a C-130 and a F-22.

Across from us was a FedEx 777 with FedEx Feeders sitting next to it.
A FedEx MD-11 was also ghosted for sitting static.

Anyways, I just want to have this be a general topic so I can get other people’s thoughts, and hopefully have some of the other people who were violated reply to this as well.

Anyways, a TFR means Temporary FLIGHT Restriction, with emphasis on “FLIGHT” we were just sitting static and adding to the realism on Boeing Plaza

I just hope this can be brought to some peoples attention, as we all received level 3 violations and my friend and I are now grade 2… I mean could ATC not have just kicked us offline instead of giving us a level 3 violation?

Also to note: we were sitting static for probably 20+ minutes before we got violated, and I believe the FedEx guys were there for longer than that.

Thanks for reading! Just want to get some peoples input


I’m confused. What is ‘sitting static on the field’ in this case?

I’ve mass removed all the reports that were TFR related from the controller. Sorry for the inconvenience guys!