Mass Closing of VA's

May 8th there was a mass closing of VA’s I was wondering has to what happened and what VA’s were closed. Does anyone have an answer?

Their operations process failed. It’s simple as that.

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Over 20 VA’s were closed which is a lot.

what does that mean

Probably so. Who knows, with so many down in a day.

Most probably becuase IFVARB were checking in on the VA and decided to close its doors since they just don’t have the activity and isn’t worth the effort to run it, which in life, is just called ‘business’.


that answers my question

Is it
Let me go and check on the Virtual Airlines section

I believe some major VA’s were closed not totally sure.

Hi everyone,

The IFVARB has been conducting an activity check of the VA/VO section through various channels over the past week. We took the step of delisting some VA/VO this morning to assist us in keeping track of the activity check. We understand that the action appears dramatic as many VA/VO have disappeared off the database, but most of the delistings will be temporary in nature.

Please note that this does not mean that the VA/VO that have disappeared have automatically closed down. Please do not apply for those VA’s.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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Answered by IFVARB. See yellow comment.