Masking With LR Mobile Is Real Pain 💀

Hello community! Please allow me to share some heavily edited rainy day spotting photos.

Editing a single photo here nearly cost me an hour with LR mobile 🥴 But the result worths! Enjoy

Ps. If you look closely you’ll see grains in the photo, I should’ve lowered the shutter speed to gain more lights.


One word: Moist

Ignore my sense of humor. These look epic 🤑


Will this is definitely a unique way of editing - great photos!

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My camera totally agree that, it’s gonna stay in the dry box for a long long time

Thanks Ben :D

These look great! That Starlux A321neo might be my favourite. Nice job!

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Thank you! :D

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That’s absolutely hilarious, I’v always loved your sense of humor @PhorzaSky


Yes he’s absolutely hilarious. Makes me crack up with every comment. So funny in fact that occasionally, just occasionally, I forget to breathe.


I hope I’m not responsible for any injuries that you may have gotten from my humor 🗿

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use Lightroom on PC lol

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