Masala Tea To The Ironbound

Delhi to Newark (DEL-EWR)

Hello everyone! Today’s #screenshots-and-videos topic is from a recent flight from Delhi to Newark in the United B777-200ER. The title above must’ve been confusing, but here’s an elaboration:

Delhi is very famous for their masala tea along with dunked in oil, deep-fried snacks that we know we shouldn’t eat for health concerns, but consume anyways. Meanwhile, Newark is very famous by the name of Ironbound, related to when immigrants residing there opened up bakeries & restaurants.

I’d like to thank @NYFLFlyer22 for flying alongside. It was an awesome flight with a super cool somewhat-parallel takeoff :)

Flight Details

Route: DEL-EWR
Airline & Aircraft: United B777-200ER
Server: Expert

Passengers & cargo loaded for the flight, with a nice sunrise shine

Engines ready to roar while @NYFLFlyer22 pushes back. Taxiing to RWY 09.

An awesome parallel (Not really, welcome to angle tricks) takeoff from RWY 09 & 10.

Climbing out of Delhi on a clear morning of sorts.

And we’re flying past Amritsar, super famous for the Golden Temple & of course, the Amritsari kulcha accompanied with chole! Fast forward to…

Greenland! Looks so beautiful! Nice view with a cool skyline. @Pingu, how’s the welcoming ice for the penguin? :)

Fast-forward, we’re near New York & descending down for the approach. Passengers are buckling up, @Captain_JR is trying his best to not spill the Mango Juice he ordered for breakfast, while @Kamryn looks for his phone case that he dropped.

Gears down in Newark-Liberty International Airport, the 6th largest airport in the United States with more flights than JFK. Quite a feat when it’s only 40 percent of the land size of JFK.

Parked at Terminal C in Newark along with @NYFLFlyer22, @Michel_Avegnon, & I forgot who the third one was.

Unloading the cargo below of Mango & Pineapple Juice that @Captain_JR took with him in cargo, @NoahM’s golf balls after he switched to Ran Airways as a Platinum member, @Kamryn’s phone cases, @Thunderbolt’s USB-C Apple charger, @Pingu’s miniature penguins, & I missed everyone else. Don’t be offended though… lol.

Well, that’s all I had in store for today. Which pictures would you like me to post?

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  • Tokyo to Delhi
  • Dusseldorf to Tel Aviv
  • Muscat to London-Heathrow

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Love the shots, and the story haha! I’ve flown on this kind of long-haul IRL multiple times, but on the BOM-EWR route, all the way back when it used to be Continental Airlines.


Man these shots came out nice. LOVE the takeoff shot with both of us rotating. 😍

Such a fun flight! Long hauls are always more fun when you got someone to do them with!


Thank you @CaptainSooraj!

Yeah, BOM-EWR is a nice one too… Continental Airlines sounds fun!
Funny thing, the flights are operated using a 777-200ER (UA, not AI), but from SFO-DEL, UA uses the 787-9.


Thank you @NYFLFlyer22, it was awesome to fly with you!

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Ayyy, someone delivered my stuff! Thanks @ran, great photos too!


Yeah I always found that funny too. It’s cool though, I didn’t know the 787-9 had that kind of range!


Thanks @Thunderbolt! I hope the chargers were all intact. We hope you choose Ran Airways once again, lol.

@CaptainSooraj, yeah. I’m glad that UA has quite a few flights to India compared to other U.S. carriers.


Amazing photos :)


Thanks @Populeux_Music!


I’d love to have that for real Breakfast now tbh 🤩


Thank you @Captain_JR!

Would you like your mango & pineapple juice cartons delivered through Ran Airways from now on? Juice for breakfast, lunch, & dinner :)


For Cargo purpose I have a contract with @Suhas Air but I’ll look over if a passenger contract for the menu can be made a deal with Ran Airways by next week.

I’ll check the papers and next time you deliver Mango and Pineapple Juice and we will get down to business 👍🏼


… pengiuns don’t live in Greenland.


Love the pics!!!

you can see this,and give me some suggests?


No need to advertise your own topics. If somebody sees your topic, and wants to give constructive criticism, then I’m sure they will!


Great pictures @ran,expecially for the take off and touch down,hope to see more pictures:)


You had me at Masala Tea.

Great post, very nice pictures.


Nice storytelling skills Ran


Thanks @Grizpac, @Maverick74, @Di_Hu, & @anon43244797!

@Pingu, lol, I was asking about the ice, but thanks!