Mas Air 767-300ERF "Latam Cargo Mexico"

About MasAir

LATAM Cargo México, formerly Aerotransportes Mas de Carga, S.A. de C.V. or simply known as MasAir, is a cargo airline based in Mexico City, Mexico. It operates scheduled cargo services in Mexico and to the USA, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia. Its main base is Mexico City International Airport, with hubs at Los Angeles International Airport and Miami International Airport.

The airline was established as MasAir in 1992 and started operations in April 1992. In December 2000 LAN Airlines purchased a 25% stake in MasAir, which has since increased. It is owned by LAN (39.5%) and Promotoro Aérea Latinoamericana and has 182 employees as of March 2007. It has been rebranded to LATAM Cargo México as part of the formation of the LATAM Cargo México as part of the formation of the LATAM Airlines Group.

It’s current active fleet is the requested aircraft “N420LA” after having many others 767’s and DC-8’s.

Source: wikipedia

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In Brasil… ABSA CARGO 767 operating for Latam cargo.

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