Marvin_Heijboer's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi Guys,

Passed my written and would like to practise for practical.

Feel free to stop by and do some patterns.

Have a good one!


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Coming by for some pattern work :)

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thanks for coming, hoping for others to join!

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Yeah, me too. I’d have requested a runway change then it’d test your pattern entry and sequencing abilities…

yeah, would be more interesting however, appreciate your effort!


sorry forgot the exit command, shame

No problem, don’t be sorry for your mistakes. You are here to learn :)

I’ll pop by for a bit!

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wasn’t sharp enough, thought you were going to do a touch and go again;)

Since we didn’t have that much traffic, I couldn’t really see the way you sequence but clearances were on time RDW/LDW. I just wish there were more aircraft in the pattern :/…

Was going to talk about the runway exit instruction, I reported full stop at final before I issued a go around, I would’ve expected for you to clear me for landing instead of option and when I touched down and was on landing roll, would’ve expected the exit command…

Also, when I first started taxiing, I think a back taxi command would be more suitable instead of crossing 22L and 22R and crossing 22R again to reach 22L :).

I may be wrong here sorry about that

Either way, small mistakes, practicing and learning from your mistakes is the key to success :).

Take care!

yeah, completely right. About the taxi, i was wondering why you asked to cross but there i had to be proactive myself!

And the exit command on landing roll, i completely forgot haha.

Thanks for stopping by and giving me feedback, appreciate it!

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again, had to clear you for landing,

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Alright, the exit command was ok this time but the only part I didn’t get is when I called inbound for landing, I got cleared for option which is ok, it would’ve been easier if you cleared me for landing and that would mean one less aircraft to worry about for you… Either way since option does cover landings as well, it’s not a big deal :).

Transition was perfect :). Nothing to report there :)

Sequencing, you told @InfiniteAviation06 to extend upwind and sequenced me as number 2 which was great :). Didn’t see anything out of ordinary there :).

Thank you :P

Hoping to see you soon!

Hi. Thanks for opening up today! I was J-HONNY here’s some things I picked up on:
Here are the thing I did on purpose to see if you would notice.

  • The Cessna can’t pushback
  • Need to keep an eye on the map as I entered the runway without permission.

  • Personally I would have let the A320 go first as it is much faster than the TBM. But you solved that!
  • You gave me Cross runway instead of takeoff/LUAW
  • Abit faster on General speed but this will come with Practice!

Other than that perfect! Can’t wait to see you controlling soon!

Thanks for the feedback, i was aware that you entered but giving the command exit runway was not needed in my opinion and was to late to issue you hold position.

Thanks for the tip about the cessna, never flying it so never knew they couldnt pushback.

I wanted to let the a320 go first but switched the callsigns, and to solve that and keep the speed, i thought the a320 to cross the runway to takeoff at Left.

Thanks for the feedback, wanted to let you know what was going on my mind! :)

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I believe there is a ‘You we’re not cleared to enter the runway’ command

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Thanks for the tip, ill take a look at that one!

Thanks for opening tonight.
Good job on controlling.
I was C-FMXA, initially I asked for pushback however the stand I was at was a pull through so you could have just given me taxi instructions to the runway. You gave me line up and backtrack so good job noticing that there was the potential for me needing more runway than what I got at my exit. You did a good job with the other traffic for the left side by saying you would call there base since you didn’t know how long I would be on the runway. Sequencing was good and command timing was flawless for me. On my 2nd approach I went for runway 22R on purpose to see your reaction, the go around was the best option, instead of check runway assignment, since I was quite close to the threshold. Great job and keep up the good work.

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Thanks a lot! Thankyou for coming by, appreciate it a lot! have a nice continuation of your day :)

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Thanks for letting me come by and practice flying patterns. (I was N629LO) I like how you made that correction on my first clearance.

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