Marty_Pease’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KHND

Hello and welcome to my ATC tracking thread! I’m practicing my ATC skills and invite you to come fly in the beautiful Mojave desert! Any and all feedback/comments are welcomed!

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How long are you planing to be open?

I can swing by in about 10 min if I get my english done in-time C:

I’ll be open for another hour or so! Come stop by :D I’m on the TS

gotcha I will defiantly come!

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I’ll stop by


Excellent! Looking forward to it :)

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See ya there! :P

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I’ll be there in a sec :)

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Ima spectate while I work

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You still open? I’ll be stopping by in about 3 minutes!

I am! it’s gettin’ busy :D

Ill stop by for an few

Hello all! i’m so sorry, but I’ve gotta run early! I’ll be on later tonight though!! This was fun!


RIP hope i can catch you later. You had alot of traffic!

I only noticed a missed G/A call with @IF787. Im sure they will have more imput for ya!


Feedback from B-LSM:

Ok with your first control.

Just a few things that you should remind:

  1. Sequencing for me is too late.

  2. Clearance is too late

  3. No need to immediately takeoff

  4. You should resequence Infinite Flight 44(we will talk it later)

  5. If you want me to change rw, you should have pattern instructions and clearance.

I am mot going to talk too much in this section, but something that is good:

  1. Ground control is good.

  2. Extend downwind is perfect

The main idea of this feedback is sequence, you should read the ATC manual before your next control, good luck:)

And sorry I didn’t notice the RW

And not to open too large airport😉

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A couple things!

  • Expect Runway is not required unless your at an airport where you need an aircraft to face a certain direction.

  • The LUAW could’ve been given to N1EE as soon as OK-HAI passed his position on the runway

  • Great job with the “Departure in Sequence!”


Also, just a little tip,

You could’ve also have both me an N1EE on the runway at the same time, you’d give me the takeoff clearance first since I’m at the intersection:)


I really appreciate that feedback! I’ll work on it, and give that a read :)

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Ok first thing I saw was that when I was holding short of 1L , to cross 1R there was no need to tell me to hold short as there was no incoming aircraft. The cross runway 1L could of been given earlier. And also second to make it easier on the pressure you could of assigned me 8L as in the metar the winds are favorable in that direction as opposed to 1R as I was closer to 8L at the time. But Departure In Sequence was good aswell. But as in the reply above we both could of been on the runway so as soon as ItzBlitz had taken off you would of been ready to clear me for takeoff as there would be no delay from entering the runway. But nice with the extend downwind command I heard aswell.

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I really really appreciate the feedback, and i’ll work on it. I’m not going to lie, I got a bit overwhelmed with so many planes in the air, but that was also a great stress test for me!!!