Marty_Davis’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

🛫Hello, welcome to my ATC tracking thread. I am practising my ATC skIlls for an up coming test and invite you to come and fly and help me practice prepare for my ATC test. Any and all feedback for improvement is welcome.

Server: Training


FREQUENCY: Ground & Tower






Open at YPAD for ATC practice at 0600 appreciate respect of ATC direction and feedback

On my way!
Runway in use? @Marty_Davis

Be there shortly


He is not IFATC yet, so training server it is! 🙂

Sweet! Ill make it then!

Feedback: @Marty_Davis

Callsign: OK-LOL


  • Transition was good at 3000ft.

Runway Changes

  • Pattern entries for runway changes need some improvement. There were some situations where you told me to enter left base while I was downwind. Remember to issue the pattern that the aircraft is already on, not the next one.


  • Looks like you did the clearance the opposite way. For inbound aircraft, you need to issue a traffic direction, but for aircraft that just took off and are remaining in the pattern, you don’t need one.


  • Good awareness of catching the G/As. Just try to be a bit more precise with that command and issue the G/A a bit earlier.

Exit runway

  • No issues, well timed!

That’s all I have for you today, thanks for the service, and have a good one. Keep improving and learning from your mistakes, you’ll get there! 🙂

Feedback from VH-LEO

Overall, I’d say you have the basics down-pat, however the application needs some work.

Firstly, sequencing. When you sequence aircraft it’s as simple as numbering them in order of when you want them to land. This is important as it tells the aircraft who to follow in the pattern. Trust the sequence, this is what I say all the time. Don’t give extend downwind because you think someone is going slower/faster than someone else, the sequence takes care of this. Further, re-sequencing aircraft is also important. For example, if there are 3 planes in the pattern all for runway 05 and one requests change to 30, you need to re-sequence the other two who are still on 05. This leads into the next point.

Secondly, pattern entries/directions. First of all, you only need to give a pattern direction (e.g. make left/right traffic) once, unless they are assigned a new runway then you would issue another. So, only give pattern directions in the takeoff clearance or inbound clearance (if an aircraft in inbound). Similarly, you only give a pattern entry (e.g. enter left/right base/downwind) once and only to inbound aircraft, unless an aircraft requests a runway change (I’ll talk about runway changes below).

Thirdly, runway changes. If an aircraft requests runway change, you need to give a pattern entry, sequence (if required), and clearance. You can treat as an inbound if you like, an inbound to a new runway. It’s not really coming from a different airport, but from a different runway; you still communicate with the aircraft as you would if they were inbound from a different airport.

I’d recommend watching Tyler’s video, The Perfect ATC Test.

Always great to see more aspiring IFATCs.

Thanks for feedback got a little flustered as aircraft were going wrong runway then going right when instructed left. I’ll try focus more on what you talked about will watch thanks for the help

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Thanks all for the feedback more work needed appreciate the feedback today

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Open at KAUS for some practice

Open at RODN for anyone wanting pattern work. Need some ATC training be there at 0820

Hi, I would recommend to stay open for at least 30 minutes to allow people to show up. I was just about to request a transition and you went offline.

Open at KAUS if anyone interested

Pattern Work


Runway Changes


ATC Traning getting ready for my test thanks for anyone attending for the help

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Will come by briefly.

Overall good job and will provide more thorough feedback shortly.

Thanks appreciate the time hope I went ok lost audio at the end sorry missed the runway exit

Thanks sorry about that


Thank you for the pleasant service at Austin.
Here is a little feedback from me: G-RICK.

• Pleasant ground service
• Pattern direction given after asking for takeoff
• in my first pattern, Flight Check 5 had asked for a runway change. While you made the correct commands and gave me number 2 traffic to follow on final, I did not get an option clearance after that.
• While I thought it was great at how pro-active you were giving me a clearance shortly after takeoff, I’d recommend to wait until the plane is at least starting or partially in to their crosswind turn. Not a real huge issue but something I wanted to point out.
• Runway exit command 👍🏻

All from me. Thanks for having me and good luck on your test. Looking forward to welcoming you to the team! Keep up the great work!