Martwana’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Update - have decided to begin the IFATC recruiting process.

Open in Manchester EGCC for some practice.

Please come join me


I would like to join!
Edit forgot to say Welcome to the Community we are very happy that you joined us!

Cheers. I sit in ATC every now and then and no one shows so thought I’d create a thread for the first time. It’ll be nice to have some serious pilots for a change.

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I thought your atc service was good a few things to improve on
when giving me landing clearance you should give me a pattern entry
I would suggest to send clears for the option a lot but earlier when I’m on ether on crosswind or downwind
The go around was handled nicely nothing to note there and in the meantime I would suggest that you take a look at the atc tutorials that I’ve linked here for you
Sequencing Tutorial - YouTube

Awesome. I’ll keep those in mind. Thanks dude.

Still open for another hour everyone.

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Aloha, I was MNTH-4TH and have some feedback for you :-)! (also next time take an airport with parallel runways, so we can change from runways etc).

Ground control:

  • Was good! Nice correction when I requested taxi to pushback

Tower control:

  • You forgot to sequence me to KLM as number 3 and you forgot to sequence KLM to the one who was final (Need to watch my replay for that.(number 2, traffic to follow is on right downwind).

  • Good that you gave KLM 857 an pattern inst but your clearance was way too late…

  • Your extend downwind was unnecessary same goes for your turn base instruction, cause if you sequenced me to KLM 857 it would be my responsibility to have enough space between me and the pilot you sequenced me for :-)!

  • When I reported my position you just said roger, I reported my position cause you didn’t cleared me yet.

  • While I was flying in pattern the correct clearance would have been “cleared for the option” and not “cleared for the landing”.

  • When a pilot is doing pattern and the pilot is crosswind you can already sequence them to the other inbound aircraft (if nesensecary) or clear them for the option! - see picture below

Source: here

I would suggest to read the manual (linked below) and the IF ATC videos (Also linked below).

Infinite Flight ATC videos

thanks for controlling :-). Hoping to see you the next time!

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I operated as KLM 857. You did well controlling, I liked how you cleared for the option. A couple of suggestions:

  • Tell the pilots how to enter during remaining in the pattern departures. For instance, say “Enter Left Downwind Rwy 05”.

  • Try to clear pilots sooner for landing.

  • Try to sequence. For example, “number 2 follow the traffic on final”.

  • Once landed, instruct the pilot to “exit rwy (any/left/right), contact ground on taxiway”. That’ll help to keep the traffic moving and from pilots from having to request to switch.

Overall, great job. If you fix those issues, you’ll be set!

Nice one guys.

Appreciate the feedback. I’m not looking to become a pro, but would like to know I’m doing it correctly.

Thanks again

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Open again guys.

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