Martinair "Safari Connection" Air France-KLM x Kenya Airways Boeing B747-400BCF [PH-MPS]

Ladies, gentleman and non-binary folks! In this post I’ll be requesting a rather special livery.

The Safari Connection B747-400BCF

What is the Safari Connection?

The Safari Connection is a triangular network connecting Europe, China and Africa. On this route KLM and Kenya Airways deploys a special painted Boeing 747-400BCF from Martinair, which has a tiger stripe painting and a text on it’s tail, which translates into “Exploring new routes in Africa” in Chinese characters.

My thoughts.

I really like this livery, although it is a plain all white one, the tiger stripes and the multiple logos makes it feel like you’re flying a racing car!

This livery would also unlock a lot of Afro-Eurasia routes!

Credit to Image

Boeing 747-412(BCF) - Kenya Airways Cargo (Martinair) | Aviation Photo #2353355 |

I had to

Livery looks cool all the same, not sure if I would see it getting implemented though:/


Hahaha man 😂

I also don’t see it implemented in the near future, but it would probably be more likely when the 747 enters the stage of rework.

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No it’s totally different meaning. It means “Explore new routes in Africa”. :)

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Thanks! I’ll fix it now