Martinair md11-f to miami

Last month I did a flight in the MD11F from Martinair Holland. A few years ago Martinair did this flight with the MD11F but now with the B747-400 because they have retired their MD11 fleet.

  1. Route: EHAM-KMIA

  2. Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD11-F

  3. Server: Expert server

  4. Flight time: 9.17h

  5. Cruise altitude: FL300 - FL320 - FL340

  6. Cruise speed: MACH: 0.82

Getting ready for the flight to Miami.

A heavy departure out of runway 18L at Schiphol.

Cruising above the United Kingdom.

Cruising above the Atlantic Ocean at FL320.

getting ready for landing at KMIA.


What was your favourite picture?


Never thought about that Martinair MD-11F aircraft but anyways, nice photos

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