Martinair McDonnell Douglas DC-10

This particular aircraft from Martinair Holland, a DC-10 (PH-MBT), was leased to Qantas from 1987 to 1989. Qantas had an aircraft shortage and had an order for DC-10s. They cancelled the order and used this aircraft. It would be an interesting livery to have in Infinite Flight with the upcoming DC-10 update, because of its great history!

PH-MBT at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport in January 1988
Photo from - Credits to G. Bennett.
Aircraft history:


I don’t see any difference with the normal MartinAir livery

The Qantas titles are very small above the doors. It would be good to have the Martinair livery anyway.

I thought there were more Martinair lovers on this forum 😄 (And I just realised there weren’t any Qantas titles on this aircraft, it just had an interesting history)
Bumping because of the vote feature, who wants this in the update?


Don’t forget the Martinair livery FDS ;)
Most of their fleet was comprised of these McDonnell Douglas trijets.

So sad this wasn’t added either. Martinair was one of the largest DC-10 operators :(


Martinair was added on the MD11F though. Stop bumping your topic Ed


I can bump it especially since it wasn’t added… the passenger version was the original in the Martinair fleet though so it has that nostalgia about it. There were also other bumped DC/MD livery request if you have a look at the home page. Also thanks for bumping my request by 7 hours as well - how kind of you! ;)

I don’t have the update btw so don’t know much about it.