Martinair Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11CF

Please don’t confuse this topic with the other request. That one is for the normal “F” Variant but this is for the “CF” Variant

Martinair, legally Martinair Holland N.V., is a Dutch cargo airline headquartered and based at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and a subsidiary of Air France-KLM. The airline was founded in 1958 by Martin Schröder. Since 2011, Martinair has operated entirely as a cargo airline with scheduled services to 20 destinations worldwide and additional charter flights. Prior to that date, passenger flights were also operated.

Some of Martinair Cargo’s MD-11s are MD-11CFs (Converted freighter). These CF MD-11s were previously served as Passenger airliners and are now converted to freighters. Martinair’s CFs though, have a very nice special feautre. While they are operated for Cargo operations, they have windows! And I think that Martinair’s livery looks better with windows. It just feels nice. And yes, I agree that it also looks a bit confusing. Sadly though, Martinair has now retired both it’s MD-11Fs and MD-11CFs and is only operating Boeing 747-400BCFs.


I love the aircraft, must be in the sim soon

You’ll be glad to know it’s going to be the next plane in the sim! If I remember correctly the devs are already 60% or so finished with it but don’t expect it until Global comes out.

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Yeh jarno said he’s around 75% finished, its just liveries that need to be added

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