Martijn’s tracking thread [CLOSED]

Departure Runway: 23L
Landing Runway: 23R
Right Traffic

I would love if you come to do some touch and goes!

I’m on the training server


I will drop by for a few patterns!



Will stop by as well


Will stop by in the Lufty CRJ.


Is your internet gone

Thanks for the patterns, sorry that I had to leave early.

Here is some feedback for you:

Hold short/Line up and wait: These commands are only ment to be used after the aircraft has requested takeoff. You gave me both before I was even ready for takeoff.

Takeoff spacing: Keep in mind that you can clear another aircraft for takeoff as soon as the aircraft before it is airborne. Especially in my case, where the aircraft in front of me was 3 times a fast as I was. You had me waiting until they had departed the airspace, which is quite inefficient.

Runway changes: After I took off from 23L (which had an empty pattern), you told me to switch to 23R behind another aircraft. Try to avoid changing the runway an aircraft is on unless it is absolutely necessary or they have requested it. In my case, you should have just kept me on 23L because there was no traffic on it, and that was the runway I started on. Also try to avoid using one runway for all takeoffs and one for all landings, this is inefficient.

"Enter Right Downwind 23R, Behind the traffic on final: You sent to me this command after my first touch and go. First of all, don’t send an aircraft a pattern entry when he is remaining in the pattern on the same runway he took off from. This is not needed, since he already knows which runway he is using, and you have already told him to make left or right traffic. Additionally, I don’t know why you told me to follow an aircraft on final. As far I could tell, I was the only aircraft in the pattern, you should have just given me #1.

There were a few other small mistakes, but these were the main problems that I saw. Other than that, you did a good job!

Keep practicing and watching tutorials, and you will be an excellent controller in no time. I hope my feedback was helpful:-)


Thank you for the feedback 👍🏻 I Will learn!

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