Martijn’s Tracing Thread [CLOSED@LPBJ]


I’m doing this on the training server!!

I’m training today with ATC!
If you want you can do some touch and goes!


If i’m doing something wrong please give me feedback

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Say if you like to join

im there rn lol

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I see you Nice.

Alright, here’s my feedback

  1. When you want pilots to change runways, you need to give pattern entries(right downwind runway 23R etc)
  2. When someone askes for departure to any direction, you should just say departure to the insert direction is approved and frequency change
  3. The transition altitude you gave me is slightly too low, for transitions the altitude must be at least 2500 AGL(airport altitude+2500 for MGL)
  4. When someone is arriving you must give pattern instructions for entry(see point 1)
  5. After the transition, you cleared me for the option without telling me the direction(this is needed because it is considered different from the pre transition patterns and will be ‘new’)
  6. I saw you tell the Air Italia to contact your frequency, please be patient they will contact you, and if you are ground atc and you told them to “taxi to runway xx, contact tower when ready” but they ask for a frequency change, tell them “you are already instructed to change frequency”
  7. Never clear anyone for takeoff if they haven’t told you their intention, instead of that just use “say intentions”
  8. The extend downwind and expedite for the plane on ground was unnecessary as there was more than enough of a spacing
  9. When you cleared me for the option, I can either touch and go, fly over the runway or land. This means that if I tell you I’m going to full stop after you cleared me for the option, that is just a heads up and there is no need to clear me to land, however if I tell you I’m going to full stop before you give me clearance you should give “cleared to land”

I hope you will take my advices to heart and improve from there


Still open?

I’m hopping in.

Coming, I’m in a Caravan!

Hello, you did ground great, but you need to practise on patternwork. You should check tutorials on youtube.

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Are you Cap Amezquita Nunez @Martijn_Decates

Ok i’m now at EDDL

Be the shortly

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Hi there I was 243

Quick feedback EDDL

  • No pattern entry needed as I am already on the pattern.
  • No pattern entry when I called inbound for landing after transition, it should’ve been “enter right downwind 05R”.
  • Transition was good could be either 2500 or 3000.
  • The three “on guards” to transavia were unnecessary as he was 40nm away from the field. You should on guard people within 25nm and below 10000ft.
  • No exit runway command.
  • Rest of ground commands were accurate and fast.
  • Don’t force aircrafts to change frequency let them get to the hold short, also let them change on its own. On the taxi clearance you already tell them to change.

If any problem or concern my pm always open
Keep it up,


I’m now at lpbj if you would like To come feel free!!!

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I Made this AirPort it’s Nice To do Some patterns because you have one big runway an one smal runway!

I will come by

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Do you want feedback here or in PM?

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Heer please! Other can learn also

Ok, first of all I’m training for IFATC as well so if there is something I have pointed out is correct please advise me. My callsign was Scandinavian 940.

My first take-off and landing was good handled by you, and my departure request.

But after my departure to the north I request a transition and you gave me 3000ft which is a bit too low at this airport, would recommend giving 3500ft giving a 1000ft gap between pilots in the pattern.

And when entering your airspace after I left it you need to give me a pattern instruction.

When a change of runway is done you need to clear me for the option on the new runway since the old clearance is not valid anymore. That is why I announced my go-around. After my go around I did not get a clearance to land as well and not even a response.

Since the TBM was pretty much riding on my wing most of the time, try to command him or me to go around or extend downwind/upwind to create spacing.

Other than that it was good, good exit runway command and good ground command.



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