Martijn’s Tracing Thread [CLOSED@EDDL]


I’m doing this on the training server!!

Departure Runway: 23L 23R
Landing Runway: 23R 23L

  • When take off from runway 23L make a left turn
  • When take off from runway 23R make a right turn

I’m training today with ATC!
If you want you can do some touch and goes!


Max speed 160 KTS
Max height 2.000 FT

If i’m doing something wrong please give me feedback

I will start in 30 minutes

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I will open the atc now at the training server!!!

Do you need the approach?

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No sorry I’m training so I don’t want approuch


Alright! First Time I see.

  1. If I’m the only one using runway 23L There is no need to tell me “enter left downwind Runway 23L.” I will do that naturally as the pattern goes on. Instead, just go ahead and clear me.

  2. You told me to turn base with no real intention. There was no traffic behind me or taking off. There is no need, I’ll turn base at my discretion and everything will be fine.

  3. Make sure you know your rights and left! When I requested change to Runway 23R, you told me to enter left downwind, traffic to follow on left downwind. The traffic was on right downwind.

  4. Sequence than clear. Right after you sequenced me, go ahead and clear me for the option. One less thing you have to worry about.

  5. Whenever you’ve sequenced us, it is our responsibility to turn downwind, base, and final, while maintaining a safe distance with other aircraft. You were constantly telling me to “extend downwind” and “I’ll call your base” , but really you ONLY use those when trying to get some departures rolling. It is our responsibility.

  6. You cleared me and the other plane multiple times. Once were cleared, nothing more to do. On that note whenever I announced “full stop” there is no need to clear me again. “The option” includes full stops.

  7. Whenever you clear someone for the option, there is no need to reiterate “Right or Left” Traffic. We will do that naturally.

  8. Make sure I’m on the runway when you give the exit command. I was still in the air and that’s Kind of distracting.

During your next session, just work to perfect one or two of these things. You’ll get better and better :D.


It is really helpful also for others to read such feedback. Thanks.

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