Martijn_Decates’ ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ EGCC

Hi all, I am preparing for my IFATC test and with this tracking thread I hope to get some good feedback and tips on my controlling.

Training Server

Thanks in advance for flying and the feedback.


Heyy!! I was KLM999. Overall, it was awesome!! The first go around was because you didn’t clear me to land, so keep an eye out for that. The second was just because it’s training server, so always one dumb person. After the second go around, you told me ‘enter right downwind (…)’, but that was not necessary because I already was in thar pattern. The last thing I noticed, was when you told the Speedbird 690 to hold position. That was fine, but after that it’s enough to say ‘continue taxi’, and not again ‘taxi to Runway …, contact tower when ready’
Overall, great job!!!


Yes but i didn’t find continue taxi

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Hey there,
First session you started off with good ATC communication. Second session you made some slight mistakes. (After I crashed the C-130 🤦‍♂️)
I’ll provide all mistakes below with a screenshot. 👇

  1. First of all. Transition altitude was way too high. Transition altitude is airport elevation + 2500ft. As fast as I can remember the airport elevation was 300ft which means that the transition altitude would be at 2800ft. Round that up to 3000ft. That’s how you maintain separation with other surrounding traffic. This problem occurs to many ATC trainees. Never forget this! You’ll be tested on this section.

  1. After I had finished the transition, I requested to touch and go. This basically means that i’m a new aircraft that requests ATC service. How does it work then? Give a pattern entry, sequence when necessary and give a clearance. You Immediately gave me a clearance.

  1. Also, IFATC ask you to know how to execute a runway change: give a new pattern entry to the requested runway (when able), sequence when necessary and clear again for the assigned runway. And don’t forget to instruct a left or right traffic assignment as you never told me.

  1. In this picture I reported “on final” to inform you that i’ll finish my pattern work. You responded with “cleared to land rwy 23R while I had intercepted for rwy 23L?
  2. And the last criticism. You had already instructed me to make right traffic for rwy 23R. Only you had to do was sequence me, as it was necessary, and give me a clearance.

That’s it 😅
I hope you appreciate this feedback. These are some small mistakes that can be learnt in a short time with good practising. If you need any further help i’d Reference to the ATC manual or ask anyone!


Thank you for this good feedback !!

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Yes i’m open again at Dusseldorf!

You can do some patterns if you want. Come and enjoy it

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I take a litle brake i have to walk with the dog

Doing 30 minutes atc at EPPO Training Server

I’m open!
Come and do Some patterns!

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