I couldn’t find a similar topic i hope it’s not duplicate. You know, small guidance appearing to the cockpit when approaching to a gate would not be bad :-

I could see a lot of potential in this, has my vote although, I don’t know how they could implement a human that moves, so another idea could be a screen on the terminal instead!


I feel like that option is a decent idea, however, for those using lower capability devices, loading the person would cause a drop in performance. Also, how would they know what gate you are going to? I think one of the electronic systems is a better idea than the physical person to accomplish the same goal.


I don’t have any more votes - but think this is a great concept! Great idea, mate!

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nice idea my guy! unfortunately I’m out of votes



those who have votes voted for it. when you arrive at the door and there will be no (stand guidance system) there will be a little guy who will tell you where to stop without you having to go outside.🥺🙏

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This would be good for remote gates where we wouldn’t have the screen to be fair


Voted. This would be great to have along with Stand Guidance!


Some airports have gates with a screen and gates with none at all. I want this so bad!

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The Safedock is only at airports and at gates that have them IRL, so it just depends on the airport.

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