Marshaller in infinite flight?

hello it would be good if in airports that don’t have a (stand guidance system) or airports in 2d there is a marshaller to help us park.

While this is an interesting idea and could be a cool future addition to the game I would recommend putting this in the features request category so others can vote on this.

And in Order to do that you must be Trust Level 2 within the community. To be Trust Level 2 you must post and interact often in the community, and remain in good standing with the community. Feel free to check out this post right here to learn about Trust Levels and how they work. Trust Levels on the IFC


how do we do it can you tell me please.

You can vote for it here 😉

@Chief305 is correct, you will need to be TL2 to be able to post in the features category but if you are that level or after you reach that level you will be able to select the category in the box that says “general” under the title and then change it to “features” while creating or editing you post.

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I would turn this idea down because we already have a gate director screen.

it is not on all airports and especially 2d airports.

then it’s up to the players and devs

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