Marseille Provence to Madrid

been a while since i’ve done one of these topics.

my last flight topic

aircraft: 737-800
route: LFML-LEMD
server: expert (obviously)

as a certified mini mod, i hereby declare that mini mods must not be hated on and must be treated with respect due to the fact that they keep the community organized.

woohoo, no gate shot today.

lining up while @mildredAV is climbing out of marseilles.

wow, 9 months on infinite flight and i still don’t know what to do in a crosswind takeoff.

the exact moment that @mildredAV pulled a freaking MH370.

low and extremely scenic approach into madrid.

casual -300 fpm ryanair landing.

devs, please fix gate issue. THERES A JETBRIDGE.


Cool, realistic route! Well done great job!

Marseille Provence, it is. Nice ones!


Apologies for now landing with you, I fell asleep haha 😅

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-300fpm is a normal landing in real life


it looks way more harder in IF