Marsa Alam (HEMA) to Munich (EDDM)

Good day! Today I thought I share some screenshots I made on my way from the holiday destination in Egypt, Marsa Alam (HEMA), to my home town Munich (EDDM), Germany. The flight with the flight number DLH2785 was flown for @LuftyVirtual in an A320. The approximate flight time was 4:30hrs.
The flight took us over Egypt, parallel to the Nile, across the Mediterranean Sea, over Greece and the Balkan, before we started our descent into Munich and touched down on runway 26R, the only runway currently open.

Taking off from Marsa Alam in the morning after having spent the night in a crew accommodation.

After making our way through Egypt, which didn’t have any scenery highlights, we reached the sea close to Alexandria.

After finishing this part of our journey as well, we reached Greece. Here you can see the island Crete.

30 minutes later we are over mainland Greece and overflying the mountainous north of the country.

Now fast forward to the descent. As always we had stunning views when coming into Munich from the South.

And the last part of the journey: touching down on runway 26R in Munich with the tower of the satellite terminal in the back.

Thanks for viewing my pictures! I am fairly new to making such topics, so feel free to give feedback!


Great Pictures Man! Well Done! 👌

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The last photo is just WOW

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Thanks guys @Mayank_Pawar @Adhan

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Nice Pictures! I like them 🥰

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Thank you Henrik!

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Very beautiful pictures! 😃

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Thank you very much!

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