Marrakech Menara airport parking

Device: iPad 7
Operating system: iPad OS

I recently visited Marrakech and when I arrived home I wanted to recreate my flights to and from Marrakech, however when I went to find the parking spot (gate A2) I found that it didn’t exist and neither did the other A gates. I was wondering if this could be implemented sometime in the future. Thank you!


GMMX is a fairly old airport from when it was built by the 2D editing team. Unfortunately I am unable to provide an estimate on when the airport will be updated, as of this time progress and timelines on airports cannot be confirmed nor shared. :)


Hi thank you for replying so quickly!
That’s absolutely fine, just thought I would bring it up in case it went under the radar and as you said it has some fairly new features that wouldn’t have existed at the time of the 2D editing. Thanks again :)


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