Marquatzi’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED WRITTEN] [PASSED PRACTICAL]

I just want to practice my ATC skills before applying for ATC this summer.

User: Marquatzi
Server: Training
NOTAMS: Patterns allowed, Arrivals, Departures
Frequency: Ground/Tower


Feel free to tag me!

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Hi there, can you tag me in your next session?


@Sefian_Habil @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL

Open Now!

Closing in 10 minutes due to lack of aircraft.

Now closed

Feedback from JY-TGS
-Transition altitude is incorrect. Usually you want to do 2500ft. Above the field elevation which in this case is 37ft. So 2500ft is more suitable.
-You told me to enter left downwind runway 33R when i was on the right side, also you kept telling me to turn when and where. You should just tell me “Enter right downwind 33R” then clear me for the option.
-You corrected your mistake but never said “Correction, standby.” Next time do so then fix your mistake.
-You cleared me for the option and told me to make left traffic the second time, not first. Tell me first time next time, and on the second only “Cleared for the option runway 33R”
Good luck!

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I just wake up now :)

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You can tag me when you’re open!!!

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Thanks for the feedback, I did forget to say “correction standby.” I also meant to clear you for right downwind, but got confused in the moment.

@Mo_Alz @Sefian_Habil @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL

Open now at ZGGG.

Will remain open for another 20 minutes.

Open now??

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Yes, still open

I’ll stop by now

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Alright, see you in a few

Thanks for popping by

Now closed!

Alright here is some feedback from D-MOAZ:

  1. Extending my downwind was completely unnecessary, you can explain why , but if it was because the departing aircraft it was unnecessary because by the time i will be on final the aircraft is going to be airborne.

  2. You should pay attention to the traffic in your pattern , and to the environment because when i was at pattern altitude I could’ve crashed into terrain and you told me to extend downwind so there was no way i could prevent myself from crashing besides requesting departure.

  3. When requesting departure you should approve it then a “frequency change approved” instruction should be issued.

Tip: before choosing an airport to control you should fly there or at least have a look at the surroundings and terrain, because some airports could be dangerous to do patterns in for example ZGGG there was so many high mountains close by that could be a potential danger.

Have a look at the ATC manual it has some good advice on how to choose airports for pattern work

Thx for having me!!

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tag me please next time!

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