Marquatzi’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ KLAS

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OPEN at PGUM now!

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Still open.

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Feedback for D-LIPA (CRJ700)

-By 18:41Z, I should have a sequence. This way, I can plan who to follow. You can sequence aircraft whenever you feel ready! This way, they can follow people without you telling them when to “turn base” or “extend downwind.” I sent a position command to make sure you didn’t forget about me at 18:42Z, but you did not answer till 18:44Z. Until you sequence me, I do not know who you want me to follow. Make sure to not forget sequencing! There are good IFATC videos for you to watch to sharpen your skills.

-At 18:44Z, I hear you giving clearances to people on the upwind (as 2nd and 3rd, which tells me you knew I was there). That is fine, however, I was on final and still hadn’t been cleared. Make sure to not forget about your clearances.

-At 18:46Z, I reported on final to try to get you to clear me. You responded with “You are already cleared to land” at 18:46:28Z, which is not true. You did not clear me to land, so I went around.

-Your go around commands were good! You gave me a pattern direction, which was perfect.

-I heard you give a departure command to EI-COL at 18:50:12Z, and it was perfectly done.

-I reported that I was on left base a minute later because I was still not cleared, so I tried to remind you. Replying with “Roger” there does nothing, but instead, you should look to see if you are missing a clearance or if the pilot wants to remind you they are “full stop,” meaning they were in the pattern but now intend to land normally. I never did receive a clearance for the option/to land, so I again went around.

-After going around, I requested to depart to the North. You handled that well!

Things I did not do today were runway changes or transitions, but I am sure other pilots have.

My overall advice to you is to re-read the ATC manual, which can be found here. Also, check out Infinite Flight’s videos on ATC’ing on YouTube. They helped me a lot in my training. Keep working hard and you’ll get the hang of it soon!

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No wonder you kept calling out. Sorry about that, i’ll make sure to get it next time. May I also tag you the next time I’m open?

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No worries at all, as long as you learn from it, that is what we are all here for! You may definitely tag me next time, I am excited to see your improvements!

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Feedback from EI-COL:

  • Transition was spot on with the 3000 feet.

  • When I requested inbound you never gave me a pattern entry. You just cleared me for the option. I needed a pattern entry, so you should have said “Enter right downwind runway 6R” followed by clearing me for the option.

  • When you cleared me for the option the first time you just have told me this “EI-COL number 1 runway 6R cleared for the option, after the option, make right traffic. You should have said this because I had just joined the pattern.

  • On the runway change you should have given me a pattern entry instead of sequencing me behind someone else. I could have gone left or right because you never told what downwind to enter.

  • You told me a “Your already cleared to land avoid unnecessary reports” I’m not sure why you did this as I never said anything to you. Might have been a mistake but if not it was completely unnecessary.

  • You need to say “Frequency changed approved, good day” if I’m leaving your airspace, which I was.

You have a lot to learn. I recommend watching this video organized by Tyler Shelton himself. This will help get an idea on what your supposed to say and do for Tower and Ground:

Also look at this area in the ATC manual:


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Thank you very much. I do believe somebody called on final when I had given them landing clearance, might’ve been a mistake. I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks for popping by. (May I also tag you the next time I’m open)

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Feedback: SPCL

  • (18:29:49) When I was Inbound, you just cleared to land. Next time give a pattern entry for inbound aircraft and runway change and later the clearance.

  • (18:35:52) Missing sequencing. (Number 2 traffic to follow is on right downwind).

  • Missing ecit runway command.

That’s all, see you next time!

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Thanks so much for the feedback, I’ll be sure to apply it to the next time I control

Sure thing, feel free to tag me!

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