Mark's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Omw for some patterns!

I made my patterns as tight as possible with a 787 till I did a backflip at one end of the runway. Nice ATC experience.


I’m sorry :(

Are you practising ATC to be IFATC?

Yup (i am filler)

Have a look at this: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

I already applied, but I rushed it too much and I didn’t have the knowledge required. I failed the theory test, but I’ll be retaking it soon, hopefully.

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Okay! I hope you pass it next time. I will come do some patterns now

It’s a little bit too easy with only one AC XD

Well it’s gonna be 2 shortly :D

Hi there, my callsign was “DADDY” lol,

  • Overall was pretty good (Pattern entries, sequence, clearance and ground commands) were all accurate and fast.
  • Just one thing, forgot pattern entry when I asked for runway change to 33; you gave me just clearance. It should’ve been “enter left base runway 33”.

You’ll be in the IFATC in no time,
Keep it up

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Thank you for your time!

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I’m coming back in a minute

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Don’t forget the ppattern entry!

Always give the pattern entry first (and eventually sequence), and after that the clearance

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Got it, i didn’t realise I needed to give a pattern entry. I gave the downwind instruction only because I saw you were headed directly towards the runway, and wanted to turn you away from it xD

Always give a pattern entry if someone calls in. If someone calls in on a ILS/GPS app you only have to clear someone.

Alright I see the difference, hopefully I can remember it

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For the rest the service was great! Good luck with your training

It’s also said in the manual