Mark's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

I’ll be opening and controlling when time allows me to, do give me feedback and criticism to help me improve. Thanks!


I’m open now at WSSS, both ground and tower, will stay open until an hour later, 0745Z

Closed now.

I’m open now at WMKK, I’ll be here till about 3 hours later ish, around 1800Z. Do feel free to drop by, fly some patterns, and give me feedback :)

Will be there

Omw for some patterns!

I made my patterns as tight as possible with a 787 till I did a backflip at one end of the runway. Nice ATC experience.


I’m sorry :(

Are you practising ATC to be IFATC?

Yup (i am filler)

Have a look at this: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

I already applied, but I rushed it too much and I didn’t have the knowledge required. I failed the theory test, but I’ll be retaking it soon, hopefully.

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Okay! I hope you pass it next time. I will come do some patterns now

It’s a little bit too easy with only one AC XD

Well it’s gonna be 2 shortly :D

Hi there, my callsign was “DADDY” lol,

  • Overall was pretty good (Pattern entries, sequence, clearance and ground commands) were all accurate and fast.
  • Just one thing, forgot pattern entry when I asked for runway change to 33; you gave me just clearance. It should’ve been “enter left base runway 33”.

You’ll be in the IFATC in no time,
Keep it up

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Thank you for your time!

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I’m coming back in a minute

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Don’t forget the ppattern entry!

Always give the pattern entry first (and eventually sequence), and after that the clearance

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