MarkONE's Streams (CLOSED @ NA)

Hello IFC!

Disclaimer: This is not approved, endorsed or vetted by any staff member of IFC. Should this violate any ToS or similar things, please feel free to shut this down as appropriate. Thanks!

I’ve been in IF for some time, and joined IFATC earlier this year.
I’ve been controlling here and there whenever I’m free, and I was brainstorming ways to value-add to my controlling sessions, where I found one, which is to stream my sessions!

I will be announcing my stream times here when I open, but not in advance, to prevent drawing traffic ahead of schedule.

By streaming, I believe it will benefit:

  • Me: by getting feedback from all of you lovely people, including superiors and seniors in IFATC
  • Aspiring IFATC: to get a gist of what we do in IFATC and how it’s like, as well as to learn a little here and there.

I welcome all feedback, feel free to point out areas I can optimise or do better in these sessions!

Feel free to fly in, do some patterns, and anything as you wish, as long as it does not violate any rules of the IFC or IF (especially the expert server rules).

Here’s the stream: Twitch, or at

I will not have voice audio coverage/commentary as I don’t have a setup for audio input.
Audio from Infinite Flight will still be transmitted.
Perhaps one day…

Thanks everyone! ☺️


Currently CLOSED at OIII.
Click here!

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Tehran Mehrabad airport, ATIS information BRAVO, time 0930 ZULU, Wind 150 at 6 Visibility 3, Temperature 22, Dew Point -9, QNH 1022. Landing Runways 09, 11L and 11R, Departing Runways 09, 11L and 11R. Advise on initial contact, you have information BRAVO.