MarkONE's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] [PASSED PRACTICAL!]

Good day!
My previous tracking threads are un-editable due to inactivity, so I’m starting a new one here :)

===== Currently: CLOSED =====

I unfortunately did not manage to pass my practical test last time, so I’m back again to try again.

I’ll be updating whenever I open or close here.

I’ve identified my mistakes in the past and I hope to be able to get more confident and able to address them better, should similar situations arise.


Currently open at OMDB!

Opening time: 0827Z
Closing time: 0958Z

Departing runways: 12L, 12R
Arriving runways: 12L, 12R

Pattern work strongly welcomed!
If you’re free, do pop by and give me a challenge :)

Open now at EBBR!

Opening time: 1240Z
Closing time: 1335Z

Departing runways: 1, 7L, 7R
Arriving runways: 1, 7L, 7R

Pattern work highly encouraged, do drop by if you’re free :)

Good luck in your practical later today!


Passed the practical test :)
After 2 years’ hard work…finally did it!


Looks like you made it into the Slack too, nice.

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Congratulations Mark!

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