MarkONE's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ NA

Starting a new one here as I can’t edit previous topic, I think due to inactivity?

Currenty open at WSSS (TS), hop in for some patterns if you’re free :)

EDIT: CLOSED; 12/08/19, 1027Z

You should be able to edit your previous one. Pick one and flag it for closure to avoid clogging up the forum. :)

already have flagged it :)

and nope, can’t edit it, tried everything :(

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Drop by for some patterns :)

open: 14/08/19, 1540Z
closed: 14/08/19, 1618Z

Drop by for some patterns, visibility is non existent, feel free to test your piloting skills :)

open: 15/08/19, 0640Z
closed: 15/08/19, 0730Z

OPEN at WSSS (TS) - Tower and Ground
Practical test later tonight (1730Z), using this time (and whenever else I’m free) to consolidate and brush up on my skills.
Please hop in for some patterns/arrivals if you’re free :)

open: 07/09/19, 0355Z
closed: 07/09/19, 0455Z

OPEN at OMDB (TS) - Tower and Ground.
Do join in if it’s convenient for you :)

open: 07/09/19, 1440Z
closed: 07/09/19, 1540Z

OPEN at PHOG - Tower and Ground
Drop by if you have the time, and leave me some feedback :)
Unfortunately practical test has been rescheduled, to later on at 2130Z.
Any traffic and feedback is greatly appreciated!

ps: crosswinds may be a little on the tricky side

open: 08/09/19, 1845Z
closed: 08/09/19, 1925Z

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I can’t come right now, but I wish you the best on your practical! Hope to see you controlling on the ES in the (near) future!


OPEN at KJFK -Tower and Ground

I made a boo boo in the practical test (accidentally mistook a transitioning aircraft as a landing aircraft), and it ended up snowballing into a mess of problems, and as expected, failed the test.

But I’m back to practise more, to hopefully ace the test the next time around :)

Runways in use: 4L and 4R

EDIT: RWYs 13L and 13R are no longer in use.

open: 18/09/19, 1115Z
closed: 18/09/19, 1150Z

Open at WSSS - Tower and Ground

Drop by if you’re free :)

Runways in use: 02L and 02C

open: 25/09/19, 0920Z
closed: 25/09/19, 1100Z

That was crazy 😬😂 First, I wanted to intersection depart and you told me to back taxi that long runway which could hold up traffic. A cleared for takeoff would be better because a pilot can choose to back taxi a bit if he wants to but I had more than enough runway to take off.

Then, jetstar, you made me go in front of a very fast plane and you made him get way to close to me when you should have told him to make a right 360… you then waited until I reached final (but this was totally jetstar’s) fault because for sequencing, it is pilot’s responsibility to keep spacing and he should have extended downwind, but anyways, your response was a bit late and you told him to make a left 360 on final which instantly brought him into me because of a 787 doing wide turns… that should have been a go around.

You transitioned someone at 3000ft when the airport was 24ft high, I mean, 3000ft AAL is okay but usually it is 2500AAL so at or above 2500ft would have been ideal.

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Is it still open

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Yeap I’m still here :)

I’m on my way, might have to leave early

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Update, cant come. My phone is about to run out of battery. Mabey next time. Sorry

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Sorry @MarkONE had to go.

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2500-3500 is fine, not necessarily always at 2500agl

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Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the late reply :)

  1. I uhh…only later noticed that the TBM is capable of taking off at an intersection. I now realise it’s possible :p
    Also didn’t know that clearing someone for takeoff also gives them the ability to back taxi.

  2. Yeah I uhh…am still inexperienced with dealing with pilots who don’t follow instructions well.

  3. I’ll take 2500 next time :)

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I know, it isn’t a problem, but it would have been ideal.