MarkONE's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ NA

Hello! My previous thread died due to inactivity, so I’m restarting it here :)
This shall serve to be my platform for practice, before I attempt the IFATC practical test.
I’ve already passed the theory test, and I’m working on practical.

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T/O and pattern landings: RWY36
Inbound landings: RWY 29

Come drop in for patterns and casual flights!

I’ll come in 5 - 10 minutes.
Callsign: CG-004

@callsign: 9V-KFC, sorry I didn’t notice that there wasn’t a need for pushback, was not looking at the taxi lines. My bad :p

EDIT: also messed up the runway change a little

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Thanks for dropping by!

Mind if I swing by for some patterns in a TBM?

hehe sorry made you crawl all the way to the other end

Haha it’s no problem🙂

Hi, so I was CG-004.

I have 6 things to to say.

  • When I requested departure to the west, don’t forget to give me a frequency change !

  • Transition altitude was good.

  • When I requested inbound for landing you told me to enter right base for runway 29, but obviously I was still at 2500ft so wayyy too high to enter right base. The turn that I needed to make was also too sharp.

  • That’s why I requested runway change to 36. You gave me a pattern entry, that’s good. But It would better if you entered me right downwind so I could descent “smoothly” in place of going directly to right base.

  • When I land, don’t forget to give the “exit runway” command.

  • Your sequencing was good.


A very good session, try to keep in mind what I said above and you'll definitely pass your practical. (PS: Try to take an airport with 2 parallel runways, because your recruiter will pick an airport like that)

Have a good day !

Haha san Diego just asked me to change to their frequency

Thanks for your feedback!

In reply to your 6 things:

  1. I didn’t know that I needed to issue frequency changes for departures, or the exit runway command. If I may ask, when should I issue the “exit runway”, is it right after touchdown?

  2. I’ve always given pattern entries based on what leg the plane is currently in, for example if the plane looks to be around downwind area i’d just move on to the next one which would be base. My rationale for that was because I thought, "He’s already on downwind, it doesn’t make sense to ask him to “enter XX downwind RWY XX”.
    But after your explanation about altitude and stuff, I now understand it much clearer.

Thank you for your time!

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No problem.

For the “exit runway” command: Normally a plane that is in your pattern and want to stop the patterns they will report their position.
“CG-004 is on right downwind runway 29, full stop.”
So you know that he’s going to stop his patterns. And like you said, give it right after touchdown.

But when the pilot didn’t report his position ?
You should give it when the airplane is slowing down. (for a jet around 70knts, for GA about 30).

And when the airplane is inbound, they are normally saying:

  • “Inbound for landing.” (You know he’s landing so, give it right after touchdown.)

  • “Inbound for touch and go.” (Don’t give it because he’s going to perform a touch and go.)

Hope that this is clear for you, if you have more questions, don’t hesitate !

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Got it! Many thanks :)

I’m not sure what I’m unsure of, but I’m sure as time passes I’ll have more than a handful of questions.

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Well, hey, I may as well come on by. I’ll be there in a few. N4EM.

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Just 1 thing.You don’t need to say Make left traffic for every clearance it’s redundant.

Good Controlling.

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Really good controlling and I don’t think I found any faults, you’re commands were good and professional even when you had to correct my runway. Congrats

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@MarkONE, can you not hear my takeoff requests?

No not at all, I see you still on ground frequency

That’s strange. Let me toggle around.

Mic not working 😂 @MrMrMan

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