Markings on roll indicator

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I just wanted to know how many degrees each marking of the roll indicator represents. I’ve read in some places that it’s 10 degrees and in others that it’s 3 degrees.

I know the pitch indicator goes up in 5-degree intervals, but couldn’t find conclusive info for the roll.

Hope someone can clear my doubt, cheers!

A standard attitude indicator gives you each 10 degrees upto 30 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees.

A ‘roll rate indicator’ or ‘turn and slip indicator’ gives you ‘rate 1’ turn (3 degrees per second). A turn and slip indicator will give you a rate 1 turn, i.e. 360 degree turn in 2 minutes regardless of airspeed. Helps in flying manual holds and beacon joining patterns!!!



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Thanks @Yuan_Tugo! So these (displayed below) would be the correct markings, yeah? Also how would I perform a Rate 1 turn on Infinite Flight? How many degrees would I have to maintain? (Is there a formula?) Cheers for taking the time!

No problems at all.

A rough rule of thumb is 15% of your true airspeed (TAS)

So 100kts would be 15 degrees, 200 kts 30 degrees and 220 kts (holding speed in a big jet) 22+11 = 33 degrees.

Hope that helps.


Fantastic, thanks so much!

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