Marking the Occasion: Artemis 1 Launch

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After a launch abort on Monday, Artemis 1, the inaugural flight of the Space Launch System, is going to attempt to fly tomorrow on Saturday on about a month long trip to the moon and back. Whether or not it actually launches tomorrow or not is not for me to say.

I wanted to mark the occasion by actually visiting the Kennedy Space Center and actually see it, but that never came to fruition. So this is my marking the occasion, by buzzing the launch site in Infinite Flight, with quite possibly one of the most forgotten about aircraft in game.


Aircraft: 747-SCA
Altitude: 2,500ft to 3,000ft
Server: Casual

1| Takeoff from runway 33

2| Turning towards LP-39B

3| Approaching LP-39B

4| Moon shot on the way over

5| Beginning the loop around 39B

6| half-ish way around the loop

7| Exiting the loop to buzz the vehicle assembly building

8| Buzzing the assembly building

9| Coming in to land on runway 33

10| Final moon shot


Have a paticular photo or two you like above the others?

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