Marker that shows us where Airport Gates are (like runways are shown)

I think this would be a great feature as sometimes after a long flight in live I want to find the gate. I think the marker would not be as big as the Runway marker and should only been seen when on the ground.


It might clog up your screen


i think the gate markers would have to be very small


I think this is a good idea, but it definitely needs the right execution.

They could implement an airport map into the features on the region map, which would show gate numbers, terminal numbers, etc.

They could have it be an option to pull up when you double tap and select an airport on the map.


Should have different colours for how big a gate is.

Completely a great idea.
I once was at LAX with 100M visibility!. How can I taxi to the gate at 100M visibility

Answer: using this feature request

#Liveflight Horizon.

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I like this idea, would like to see it.

What’s that and how would u use it to help u find the gate u wanna go to