Marine One Spotting

As many know, this week is the U.N.G.A. (United nations general assembly) In Manhattan, New York. World leaders from literally everywhere come to all meet here in my hometown. As I live just a few blocks from the 13L/R runways at JFK airport, I was lucky enough to spot the helicopters carrying the President of the United States. Enjoy.

(They were a bit far a part so wasn’t able to catch together, but there was 2 Marine One Sea King helicopters in the front, and three v-22s following.)

Have a great day :)

Bonus ig: The NYPD blocked off my usual spotting spot as it was too close to the airport and they didn’t want us to be that close, but they allowed me to park alongside their patrol car to get these. W Nypd


That is a W catch if I have ever seen it. I am also a New Yorker and I am under the flight path of the 4L departures at JFK. And I am looking forward to seeing all the government aircraft fly over me tonight if 4L is in use. I already caught Argentina’s government 757 at night lol


I saw an Algeria a340 and a Peru 737 old generation too


Well on the topic of it I saw this a few months ago lol (af1)


So lucky. I have never seen AF1


as has most of the US population I bet

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