Mariano Rivera Delta 757

Yesterday Delta and the New York Yankees announced that gate b42 at JFK is Mariano Rivera gate, for those who don’t know Mariano Rivera is a professional baseball pitcher who played from 1995-2013 and is in my opinion and many other baseball fans opinions the best closing pitcher of all time.
So this request is out here for the baseball community, let me know what you think

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Panamanian pride! One of the best sportsmen my country ever had and good example to follow for children who wish to become professional baseball players, and he still works in the communities in Panama promoting sports.

This definitely has my vote.


I saw this plane the other day, very nice!


Awesome I love baseball, but sadly I’m out of votes😢

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I’m going to bump this following the announcement of the 757 rework, hopefully we can get this livery added!