March Madness.....DOGFIGHT MADNESS! A "Thomas Project"

How are we doing guys? I know I’m doing fabulous, because I’m SUPER happy to announce my next “project” if you will. With March Madness coming for colleges in the United States (basketball…google it lol) I decided it would be epic to have “Dogfight madness”…this will be an awesome tournament where on a team of two (technically three…more on that later) will battle it out against another team of two to move onto the next round. Number of rounds depends on the number of teams who sign up. We will be using a bracket system (I will show an example picture) as well.

How To Play:
Step 1. Create a team! You can have three people on a team. The two “primaries” and a “secondary” the primaries are doing most of the fighting, etc. the secondary is only there in case one of the primaries cannot be at a certain event. You may have a team name too…Please make it funny. I need to laugh. Lol.

Step 2. Practice! Do mock dogfights, practice techniques and strategies. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Step 3. Figure out who you are up against. Find out their strategies, try and catch THEM practicing. Find out what you are up against. Your enemy’s will be determined by the bracket system…more on that later.

Step 4. Stay active! Don’t let your skills become dull, keep them sharp and “up to date”.

Step 5. Win…just win.

Each dogfight will have at most 4 people fighting at any given point in time. To “shoot” somebody down, you must get the plane in your “crosshairs” (that circle thing on the HUD…can’t think of the name) and you must be within range . Which means the plane you are chasing down must be orange or red. You MUST get a screenshot for it to count as a kill, with the crosshairs on him, minimap and your planes in view, and the time must be in the bottom task bar thingy. If you think you have shot down both planes, you will just land at the airfield. When a plane is in the localizer, it’s the “safe zone” that means a plane cannot shoot you down while you go in for landing. If the plane is just flying over that’s fine, but anywhere in the localizer while he is on approach is a no go…this is a reason why minimap must be visible and the range yellow or red.

The times must be shown because if each team thinks they shot down the other first whoever did it first wins.

If a team is 10+ minutes late to their match, it’s an automatic forfeit. If a team thinks they kill the plane, but we say otherwise, it’s a forfeit. (The plane is half in half out the circle of some other reason, we can’t see the red or orange, we can’t see the time, etc)

The bracket system is a system used in the Marxh madness tournament, as wel, as many other tournaments. An example is shown below. We won’t have the brackets until eveyrbody is signed up and ready, so don’t ask. The players in the example will be replaced by team name. And more or less rounds can be added as neccesary.

For fun before the events start, you can try to predict your own brackets.

airport will be chosen later. Thinking Palm Springs. We will see.

Thanks guys, that’s about it. Hopefully we have a good turnout with this…TEAMS MUST BE REGISTERED BY THIS SATURDAY. PM me to register please. With your names and team name

Any fighter aircraft is allowed

Yes, that means the spitfire…Joe.

Your Bud,
Thomas Galvin


I don’t think i will participate in this one, but i will be happy to help with scoring and stuff. (Because i can already imagine how much of a nightmare that will be.)


It’s really not bad. The scoring is just like a win lose basis.

Ok. I thought you were going to over complicate it like you did the olympics.

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Hahahahahaha NO…I still have a headache.

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Team palm tree! Game over.

Lol. Will you play?

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Event title format pleas ?

No because it’s not a normal event, it’s not on a specific day and there isnt the exact stuff for it. :/

I would love to make a team but with who ?

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Ask around! Ben Wayman may need a team te. Although I think he just went with David Garden. There are plenty of guys on slack you could ask.

I kind of have no friends that play IF so yeah… If anyone wants to join my team, just send me a pm.

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Dawud needs a teammate I will send him your way.

I’ll consider participating

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Awesome dude! It would be great to have you…as i always say “the more the merrier”

Sounds awesome!

Yeah, Mr. “A C172 has APPR mode”


You are creating a team?

No, I am not.

You should! It’s going to be super fun!