March 9-10, 2022. Delta Air Lines A330-300. KDTW/DTW - VHHH/HKG

March 9-10, 2022.

Delta Air Lines (N822NW) Airbus A330-300.

Flight Route: KDTW/DTW - VHHH/HKG.
Flight Time: 15h 32m.
Duration: 12% fuel, XP 9,498 miles.
-----> 0.82 Mach <----- The engines are important.
Altitude 32,000 ft/ 9,754 m.

Casual Server.

My plan for routing this game on IF, so why I create pickup duration less than fuel is very near 10% fuel an Airbus A330-300 always records. I held on to my iPhone XR for a very long time non-stop from KDTW/DTW - VHHH/HKG over the Arctic Ocean. Iā€™m lucky!

iPad 8th.

iPad 8th.

iPad 8th.

iPhone XR.

Any questions?

Thank you, Happy Flying!!


Nice route!

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Yes, thank you!

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