(MARCH 27TH 2021) Dar Es Salaam - Doha!

Hello! I will be hosting a group flight, dar es salaam to Doha on the 27th of march! I hope you can come, this is the first large group flight i have made, hope to see you there!

/ livery : Qatar B787-8

Route: Dar Es Salaam (HTDA) - Doha (OTHH)

Time of departure: 7:30 AM PST spawn in at 7:00AM PST. Flight time: 9 hours

Server: expert

Vertical climb: 2500 fpm

Cruising alt: 37000 ft

Distance between planes: -4nm, may vary

Please copy my FPL when i pushback

Not much else to say, hope to see you in the sky with me!

Also, tell me if I missed anything :)

Cool flight unfortunately the group flight must be within three hours of posting.

Refer here for more info :)

Oh, I can’t do events

Yes because you need to be trust level two or member. And you are a basic user or trust level 1

Here’s more info

Uuuuugh i dont have 15 days

Never mind ill close this topic

How do i close a topic?

You can’t close it a mod or staff can close a topic

Oh, ok I’ll contact one of them

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