March 12th, 2017 spotting @IAH! (Houston, Texas, USA)

Is that a joke? What do you mean?

Great pictures! Glad to have you back. I really loved the Alaska 737.

I’m deeply sorry about your mother’s accident, but it’s nice know she’s doing well.


Thank you! She has been in a lot of pain due to pins…

I love the time travelling A350 :).

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Some Amazing pictures there, Can i ask what camera you used?

Read his post - it answers your question there.
Amazing pics btw

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Very glad to hear your mom is doing better! Great shots!!!

I second that, the colors on the Alaska planes were very beautiful, and you’re photos are extremely crisp and well shot. My heart is with you’re family and glad that you’re mom is making a recovery.

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Yes, I use the Cannon Rebel T5

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Thank you! I personally like the old livery better because of it’s elegance. Thank you for your prayers.

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Thanks! She is doing well now.

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