March 12th, 2017 spotting @IAH! (Houston, Texas, USA)

Hello everyone, finally I can be back to the amazing forum community. Some of you are my Instagram followers and know that I have had some issues with my mom regarding her health. She broke both of her ankles and legs about a month ago, and I had to step up and take care of everything around the house. She is a bit more mobile now, way on her way to recovery. So, I will be much more active in the community.
Remember, I post daily spotting pictures here:

So, I have some pictures from my most recent spotting trip with my friend, Matthew. We caught some pretty cool stuff. The highlight here is probably the Singapore A350, 10000th Airbus ever made!

Please enjoy my photos, remember to give credit when using and reposting them.
I AM ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR ADVICE ON PHOTOGRAPHY! Please let me how I can help you with your photo taking!

Before asking me though, see if this article by me answers your questions: Dream Spotters (DSLR + MANUAL SET UP) Guide! (Highly Requested)


You are very lucky to capture the 10000th Airbus aircraft and that to the Singapore A350


Very! I didn’t check to see which one we had that day, and I was shocked to find out it was that certain aircraft!

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They’re AMAZING! I escpecially love the ones with the 2 planes in one picture.


Nice, were you off the end of Rankin Road for the photos of the takoffs on 15R and 15L?

Nice pics, beautiful edit on the a350

Those parallel departures are incredible!

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Yes Sir! One of the best place places to spot in Texas!

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Thank you very much!

Not an edit, just a bit of clarity to make it the lights pop a bit more ;)

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Yep! It takes a lot of practice and perfect timing to get them down!

Where’s all the lovely frontier aircraft 😭. Seriously though dude, AMAZING captures! Keep sending spotting videos my way because I love them.

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You’re back! Glad your mom is doing well. Great shots too.

Great shots! I love the various airlines.

Except United

Love it. Great airport 👍

Love the united…I like the tail 🤣

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Very! I think it’s one of the best in America to spot at!

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Yep! Thank you! She is doing fine ATM.

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Frontier takeoff at a certain time every day. Hard to catch them 😡😡😡

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Haha, the Singapore Airlines A350 got really bad floating point bug 😂